About PDHQ

We believe:

The best investment for the future is an investment in our children;

  • the best time to invest in children is in their early years;
  • the best people to invest in children are their parents;
  • today it’s not realistic (or even desirable) for parents to be the only people investing in their children;
  • early education plays an important role in the outcomes for children;
  • teachers play a crucial role in the outcomes for children;
  • managers play a crucial role in the outcomes for teachers.

Steady, small steps achieve more in real life than big leaps.

TortoiseAndHareWe also believe the most effective approach to professional development is one of continuous improvement. Of gradual change coming in small steady steps.

We take our inspiration from the elegant philosophy of Kaizen, used so successfully by Japanese industry. Kaizen promotes a focus on many small changes added up over time, to deliver big results.

Gradual change gets around our natural resistance to big disruptions – and ‘small’ fits into busy schedules. Overall it’s just a more realistic (and more effective) way of bringing about long term results.

So we built PDHQ to be ‘Kaizen’ for your professional development. Small, manageable, regular improvements – each week – on autopilot.

Because remarkable children deserve remarkable managers and teachers.

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…is a fully-registered teacher with over 30 years experience in early childhood – as teacher, manager, mentor and advisor. Coral still works ‘on-the-floor’ periodically to bring practical, real-life insights to PDHQ.

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…has a BSc in chemistry and marketing, and an MBA (Hons). He has a background in research, marketing, and managing companies and not-for-profit organisations – with close to 25 years experience in the adult education sector.