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I am loving the Pivot so far. The articles are all relevant and I have access to information that would be hard to find otherwise. I’m so excited to open my email and find out where you will be taking me and what I will be reflecting on. Also a great resource to share with my teachers, families and communities. – Jackie

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Let’s build your reputation as a remarkable leader.


You’ve worked hard to become the leader of an early childhood facility.

It’s now your responsibility to ensure that all your staff continue their professional development – and that includes you!

Lead the way by putting your own PD in place for a full year. Subscribe to The Pivot and you’ll get a wealth of practical information to help you lead more effectively.

The Pivot – a private, online monograph.*

*Monograph – a specialist work of writing on a single subject or an aspect of a subject, usually by a single author.

Every Monday we take a fresh look at an issue that will cross your desk one day (and that you’ll be grateful you thought about beforehand).

  • One topic – concise, original, interesting and practical.
  • Easy reading – written in a light, conversational style.
  • Compact – designed to fit your busy schedule.
  • Relevant – so you’ll look forward to receiving it every week.

(Read a sample Pivot here.)

Consider The Pivot your weekly ‘thinking’ time.

Read your Pivot over a cup of coffee and you’ll absorb a wide range of ideas and suggestions, over time, in small weekly sips (which we think is more sensible than big gulps!).

We do the research, you do the thinking. Apply the ideas that make sense at your place and park the others for the future. (Every Pivot article stays on our website, so you don’t have to remember where you filed it. Just come back whenever you need to.)

And if you want to extend your thoughts, connect with other managers and leaders in the comments section below every Pivot article. Join in, and help us all discuss:

Managing People
Managing Yourself

Decision Making

Work-Life Balance
Giving Feedback
And lots more…


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Put your mind at rest.

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